Saturday, July 2, 2016


Domestic Terrorism;

The local government within every city across America is terrorizing USA citizens, with Financial deprivation and oppression, When A USA Citizen can not pay property taxes, the city Authorities abuse their position of law, by stealing USA citizens property from them, when they have no financial resources to pay the property taxes.

All human needs land to co-exist respectfully and peacefully, the local government must not have this legal avenue to steal USA citizen property away from them.

Every USA Citizen must be able to have property to live on and not be forced into homelessness and into poverty.

Addition to, the unhealthy conditions of poverty cause illness, Then illness results in death, resulting in the city authorities murdering USA Citizens.

The property tax laws needs to be changed, to property taxes can not be charged on the USA citizens only property to live on.

As the government continues to enforce limits of citizens freedoms and independents, regulating their ability to co-exist respectfully and peacefully within their community, 

As the government acts of aggression behaviors towards citizens provides facts that truly indicate local government has been the aggressor the TRUE TERRORIST, and many citizens been forced into poverty, homeless, then FORCED into criminal behavior to survive to achieve basic human needs. 

All humans when under many different condition from life that become intolerable that develops mental distress, that may transition into triggering them to become a aggressive and to the point to kill anyone within society. 

There is no way to prevent any random gun violence, because even legal gun owners mental states deteriorated then have killed innocent people.

Humans who love their beliefs will kill and die to protect and preserve those beliefs, and it doesn’t matter if the belief is righteous or evil, its human nature they simply try to control others that results in provoking an aggressive response either from others or they take violent actions against those who oppose them. Government uses legislation to develop laws to justify their aggressive behaviors towards AMERICAN citizens. 

Human rights

United States of America violates Humans Rights, a human’s ability to live freely, independently separate from the influences of government.

EXTORTION begins with Government developing a profile of your life, with the following demands citizens must conform to, or be penalized by Government.

Those of Authority claim citizen volunteer their information, in reality to be intimidated and manipulated in volunteering is an act of terrorism, from those who make demands to conform.

Your parent/s unknowingly, selling you and your life out to government. 

Resulting in obligating you, to conform to, Government Regulations that forced citizens into slavery working for slave wages paying taxes.  

1.    Birth records – Family and place of birth history

2.    Social security number –  

a.    History of any Government Programs & Services,

b.    Driver license and or State identification,

c.    Family history,

d.    School history,

e.    Registration and licensing of any professional skills / services and Merchandise

f.      Work history,

g.    Tax history,

h.    Criminal history,

i.      Health History,

j.      Property History,

k.    Insurance history,

l.      Utility services history,

m.   Tele-communications “Internet & Phone & TV  “Digital footprint” IP history,

n.    Vehicle history,

o.     Driving history,

p.    Banking and Financial history.  

3.    Self-employment – Social Security Number, Employer Identification number, Type of Business, Tax obligations, Federal Taxes, Social Security FICA tax, Medicare tax, State tax, City Tax, Unemployment Tax, Small business tax,  Sale Taxes, Property Taxes, Income Taxes, Employee Taxes. You and your Business must conform to all Government regulations and licensing that related to your business.

4.    Personal Characteristic Traits –

a.    Gender

b.    Sex

c.    Age

d.    Eye Color and if corrected lens

e.    Height

f.      Weight

g.    Race

h.    Culture profile

i.      Religion profile

j.      Political profile

k.    Social profile Marriage Status & Children,

l.      Language profile

m.   Personality profile to determine Personality traits to classify a person’s threat level towards other individuals, people, groups, associations, business, corporations, departments, environments, financial, government entities.

                                          i.    Intellectual profile

                                        ii.    Psychological profile  Mental health

                                       iii.    Physical mechanical Profile Physical Health

                                       iv.    Behavioral profile

                                         v.    Relationship profile

                                       vi.    Asset profile

I or anyone else was not born to seek out any approval from anyone or conform to serve and protect a belief system I or anyone may disagree with, and not be punished by the governing body to conform to their beliefs.

People who do conform is because out fear of being punished, or they are ignorant and simply follow anyone, or they actually belief like those who rule over their life and expect government to do everything for them, or they conform to protect their own position in life and will not confront anyone that has the power to remove them from their position they have in their life.

The United States of America government continues to spread propaganda that the USA is a country of democracy, with freedom, independents, liberties and justice for all citizens equally and fairly

The USA government does not acknowledge the truth definition of Democracy, Freedom, and Independents.

Democracy is majority vote.

Freedom is the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action

Independents is (1) not subject to control by others, self-governing (2) :  not affiliated with a larger controlling unit

The arrogance of others whom are of a governing body USA Congress, try to use their position of Authority to force other humans into conforming to their belief system.

This governing body USA defines / classifies anyone who opposes them as criminals and/or a individual with mental illness then forces these individuals into prisons and or mental institutions, forcing drugs on them to manipulate and condition them into conforming to their demands.

Fact All humans must have land to survive on this earth,  addition to develop the skill to extract the free resources from the earth to survive, as an individual to co-exist respectfully towards all life that exist on the earth.

I an individual human being, self-develop throughout my life to develop the skill to live independently from all others, as an individual to respectfully co-exist among all others, and not be influenced towards opposing beliefs, that I choose not to participate with.